Missy Nielsen
Rigby, Idaho

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Do you have books for me to look through?

Yes, I do have some books. The internet offers a wide variety of ideas also.

Can I bring a picture for you to make?

I can copy almost any picture I see. I will let you know if I can't do it.

Where will you deliver to?

I am located in Rigby, Idaho, I will travel, but for a fee. That will be determined by the cost of gas and location.

Will you set up and take down the cake?

I will definatley set up the cake, as for taking down, that can be determined by a one on one basis.

How do I get the supplies returned to you after my reception?

Getting the supplies and materials returned to me will be, again, on a one on one basis. We will work something out that will work for both of us.

Do you rent out your supplies?

No, sorry, I do not rent them out.

I am not planning on serving my cake, can you make me a "fake" cake?

Yes, I can use "cake dummies" which look like the real thing, but can not be cut. I will make a real layer for the "cutting of the cake" and for freezing for the one year anniversary if you want.

I am planning on serving sheet cakes at my wedding reception instead of the wedding cake, do you make those?

Yes, I can provide you with sheet cakes if you want along with the wedding cake.

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